Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I watch one show: Glee. At least, it's the only show I take watching seriously.  If you are a glee hater, you might want to move blogs. Or stick around and start a heated debate in my comments section. I get free cable in my dorm but until just recently I hadn't even plugged the cable cord into my TV (I've been there since August). I am blessed to have a huge flat screen TV. My dad shows his love through gifts, and I don't mind. I mostly watch movies on it. I've never had "a show." My friends skip workout sessions, club meetings, grandmas' funerals if they interfere with watching "their show." I've just never been THAT into something. Until now. I fought it. I remember rolling my eyes at Glee when my sister started watching it. This was my fate: 18 college students crowded around 1 hostel TV, 0-3 shows in English available, 2 Seasons of Glee on DVD.

Now I'm hooked. I'm never home to catch it air on time. But hulu helps me to never miss an episode. The 40 minute clip gives me enough time to breathe between work and school, bible study and premarital counseling. I know Glee episodes put forth some questionable morals. And yes, the gay guys kissed last week. On TV. I like to think of it as research. Glee is a representation of our culture's popular views. I buy into at least part of Glee's message. You can usually sift through the New Age-y views to find a picture of truth. I believe that the Gospel (click here to find out what the heck that is) permeates everything. The earth is filled with God's glory. So naturally, we can find bits and pieces of it in the most unlikely places. And whether I like it or not, even the iffy philosophies Glee asserts are widely believed in this country. I am going to take a closer look at this show. Keep an eye out for Gleeviews on my blog. (Get it, like REVIEW). Let's move beyond the cute outfits, good music, showy dance moves, crazy drama schemes and see what Glee is really saying about our culture. And how it relates to life, love, and the Gospel.

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