Monday, March 21, 2011

I Said Yes To the Dress

That sign says David's Bridal. Does this mean I'm really a bride? Everything is still so surreal to me. My supportive mom, her wallet, my sister turned maid-of-honor Jordan, and freshly married friend Jenna (who's holding my hand through this whole process) walked into the bridal shop. We were met by my consultant: Terry. The sweetest, sassiest little thing I'd ever seen. If I was cast as the princess, Terry was the Fairy Godmother who dolled me up for the ball. I loved every bit of her from her short red hair, to her lip liner, to the tallest tiara in the store she was wearing.

I tried on dress #1. Smiles for miles. I'd never worn a strapless gown and not had to pull and fuss to keep it up. And there was tulle galore! My mom asked, "Do you want to try any others on?"

Dress #2. It was a satiny sweetheart neckline that was flattering, but just didn't wow me. It wasn't what I'd been dreaming about.

Dress #3 didn't fit me quite right. It was a tad big. Pretty puckers and sparkly details made it my second favorite.

Dress #4 silvery shimmer all over. Tulle, but not as much as the first dress.  This was my sister's favorite.

We decided to have me try # 1, 3, and 4 on again so I could make the final decision. I got back into 3 (with Terry's help) and narrowed it down to 1 and 4.

As soon as I was back in dress #1 I knew. My family agreed that I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as soon as I put it on. It was perfect. It was MY dress! Mom pointed out that after me two other nearby brides who saw me in it tried one on in their sizes. You can't see it yet, in case Mr. Arnold pops onto this blog. But I'll tell you this: It makes me feel like a princess. It's white. It was made by European designer Michael Angelo (probably the ninja turtle). And it doesn't have to be altered one bit! The dress fits me that perfectly! We added a tiara, and a short sparkly veil and it happened. I became a bride.


Steve said...

The dress is so you, Chelsea. I absolutely love it! I don't think your mom has stopped smiling yet!!

Steve said...

Even though the comment says "Steve said. . ." it's really "Jan said!"

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