Friday, April 29, 2011

God's Provision

I think if I was a member of a nation in the bible, I'd be an Israelite. Every two seconds they see God do something miraculous and then turn around and panic, afraid He's not going to come through for them. Yet He never once fails to provide for them. This happens so often in my life! I watched God raise $2000 in one week in order for me to go serve Him in Costa Rica on Summer Project. But then I'm afraid I won't have enough money for books, toothpaste, and shampoo. I watched him miraculously provide enough for my fiancé to buy that beautiful sparkly thing on my finger so that we could get engaged (read more about that here). Then I worry that we won't have a place to live after we say "I do" because we can't afford to put a down payment on an apartment.

For like the THOUSANDTH TIME, enter God's amazing provision.

We got into Graduate and Family Housing, which is great because: 1. It's practically on campus. 2. It's reasonably priced. 3. We get to live around other married students. 4. We have to put $0 down before we actually start living there. Praise God!

Awesome fiancé--check! Awesome apartment--check! Furniture? As my mom said, you can live on love but it's hard to sleep on it or eat dinner off of it. Well after I saw God provide a place to live, of course I didn't worry one teeny bit about something silly like not having a couch, right? I wish I could say that. Unfortunately, I told Philip if we didn't get any furniture, and we probably wouldn't, we weren't ever having friends over. Ever. Oh boy.

Here's the sequence of events that followed. My mom calls me to tell me we have a bed--for free! My aunt bought a really nice expensive one three years ago and no longer wants it because it's too soft for their preference. Philip's dad has a nice kitchen table for us. My mom has six lightly used kitchen chairs for us. A guy Philip works with offers us a love seat and a couch! Boomshakalaka! Our apartment is pretty much fully furnished with the essentials at no cost to us.

Are you a worrywart like me? Struggle to trust God? Where do you turn to for peace and provision?

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