Thursday, October 13, 2011

Confessions of the Uncool

(From Wonderfully Made)

I've told you that I feel insecure about my fashion sense. And that I sometimes feel like a loser--I think we all do. But I have yet to confess my unquenchable desire to be...well...a hipster. I surf pintrest and the blogosphere and see so many superwomen.  I want to be superwife. I want to wear stylish clothing, and have a chic home that was still inexpensive to decorate because I'm just that saavy. I feel pressure to be chef that fills my husbands belly with healthy, yet delicious food, "Oh just a little something I whipped up." Basically, good at everything: the Midas touch of cuteness.

Here's the truth about me. I can quote almost every Spongebob episode. We legitimately watch iCarly around here. (If you don't know what that is, cool points for you).  I listen to mostly Taylor Swift, Top 40 Chart songs, and Christian music. That ultra-hip alternative music all sounds the same to me. All I hear is the faint drone of people humming in sync to the sound of some acoustics. I am pretty cheap, which shows in our apartment. I like every focal point to be covered; I hate white space. I think our home might look like an elementary school classroom because of this. I love the color pink, thus much of the decor I make probably belongs in a little girl's room.  My couches (they were a gift) look like someone barphed on them. I find clothing items I love and then overwear them to death. I only own two pairs of high heels: my wedding shoes, and a hand-me-down pair of black stilettos. My hair is the same almost every day. You can count on down and straight or back in a messy bun or side ponytail. I add bows, or flowers for a little variety, and I do own a triple-barrel curling iron for days that I have time to look like Taylor Swift, but still. I'd rather wrestle or play soccer in the mud than bake. I'm a sucker for cheesy-inspirational movies, books, songs, you name it. I like candy as much as Fez from that 70s show--oh yeah, I watch that 70s shows, is that still cool?  I wear my wedding ring backwards--I don't understand why the wedding band has to be the inner-most band, I like this look better, this is chronological order, and if one falls off, let's let it be the one without the huge diamonds on it!

I do legitimately enjoy some of these hipster-y things. Being creative in the kitchen is surprisingly fun for me (especially since my husband is so easy to please and compliments me when I cook grilled cheese). I have began to see crafting, especially decor for the house, as a great creative outlet and stress reliever. I thoroughly enjoy pretty clothes especially in the form of pretty dresses.  Still, I feel like the things afore mentioned disqualify me from being one of the cool kids. I guess I'll just have to accept myself the way I am.

Am I the only lame-o one who feels this way out there?


Nethan Vidya said...

It's always a great fun to read these online confessions and like to spend this time online in a funny way... come on guys you have something more to share here?

Brit said...

That was easily the cutest post I've ever read. I secretly really want to be a hipster, too. Don't tell anyone. (:

Tricia said...

I'm so glad you posted this week. I check your blog almost daily to read your awesome posts. :) and I think you're a hipster... totally true to your own style - way better than copying someone else's :)

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