Friday, October 7, 2011

What (not) To Wear?!

I need your help! Confession: I'm kind of insecure about my fashion sense. Before I left my parents house, I let my sister dress me. Now I'm on my own and responsible for making sure that two people don't look stupid when we walk out of the apartment. Usually I wouldn't sweat a fashion flop or two, but in this case what I'm wearing will be preserved for all of history. My great-grandkids might wind up with these photos hung to display some sort of genealogy.

Let me back up. Philip and I were romping around the Palouse Empire fair a few weekends ago along with his family. You know those barns full of advertisements, free candy, balloons, and drawings to enter? (This is probably foreign to you unless you are small-town, or down-home enough to be fair-goers). Whilst perusing one such barn, Phil and I entered with this local photographer on a whim. And we won! We are to receive a free photography session ($150 value) plus $150 worth of free prints! You might be thinking, just what the world needs, more cutesy couple pictures of Chels and Phil. I'll admit the timing is kind of funny, since we just did an engagement shoot, and of course the wedding photography. But, hey, free is our favorite number. I'm pretty excited to have some fun candids in our casuals to hang about the house. The shoot I have in mind is kind of fall-y, leaves, and nature, perhaps even a wheat field in the background.

Here's where you come in. I'm stumped about what we should wear. We want to coordinate, but not be matchy-matchy. The photographer also suggested we keep it simple, because that's what photographs best. Here are some options I'm thinking:

For Phil

For Me

We need to narrow it down to two outfits each. So what do you think? Vote on your faves! The future reputation I'll have with my great-grandchildren depends on it!

*Feel free to make small suggestions too.  Just looking at those pics I was thinking maybe the blue turtle neck would look better with grey leggings, or even those grey skinny jeans I'm wearing with the blazer.  Or I have a similar sweater dress to the red one but it's a pale pink with some grey stiched in.


atattack said...

bottom right for phil
bottom left for you

Atalie said...

phil- bottom right
you- bottom left

Uneventfully Wonderful said...

My vote is phil in the plaid shirt and you in the red with the scarf. :)

Terry Danielle said...

I like Phil in the grey shirt and you in the red with the scarf. Very cute. Very casual. Very fall. :)

Hannah said...

Phil in the plaid or stripes with you in the yellow. You in scarf (but with your oxfords) and fill in grey cardigan (but with maybe a brown or red undershirt) :)

Amanda L said...

oooh! Fun! Yay Chels!

I like Phil in the plaid and in the cardigan- super trendy right now- and you in the red shirt with the scarf and the blue gress with gray unders. I see the plaid with the blue and the red with the gray. Go Cougs!

Chelsea girl said...

Thanks friends! Today is the day. I'll keep you posted!

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