Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy (Late) Boss' Day!

Yep, I was born on boss' day (October 16th), coincidence? I won't ask my husband to answer that. I woke up the day before my birthday (which seemed like my actual birthday because we did most of our celebrating that day since we both work on my actual birthday boo) thinking about how cool it is that God wants to celebrate my life. He gave me everything and I take advantage of it. I ignore him, make pointless things more important than him, choose selfishness for no other reason than I'm just being a brat. But he still looks at me and sees someone worth celebrating. I know my birthday is the day I received life--thanks Mom. But I was thinking about how I have been given LIFE. My so-called-life really felt dead before I began following after Jesus. I let him in my heart and he began to heal me, and bring me peace, joy, and satisfaction like I haven't experienced from anything or anyone else (and trust me, I've tried to find it elsewhere). I'm so thankful that Jesus came to my rescue and pursued me using other people, the bible, songs about him, and just his legitimate presence in my life. It was love that made me a believer. That is worth celebrating!

This was Mrs. Arnold's 1st birthday, and boy did Mr. Arnold make it memorable. He told me to keep all of Saturday open but didn't tell me what we were doing, We woke up, excited, at 8 AM (which is early for me). Phil said, "You sleep. I'm going to make breakfast." He baked me this--for breakfast!

How awesome is that?

Then we got ready and loaded up in the car with a picnic basket (suspicious). We headed towards Spokane (our fave outing place) and stopped for a picnic along the way.

Once in Spokane we met up with my mom, dad, sis and bro at my favorite mall! They watched me unwrap beautiful clothes, jewelry, boots, and an orange teakettle. Perfect. We perused the mall a little and Philip bought me the perfect English nerd gift: Scrabble. Then we all went to Celebrations for some gourmet cupcakes. Chelsea: red velvet (I thought it made me boring, but the cashier said it made me a purist. I like that.) Philip: skittles :). Connor: worms with dirt. Jordann: peppermint mocha. Mom: Banana, bacon, and peanut butter. Yummmmmmm.

*Pause for vicarious food coma to subside*

The fam headed home and Phil and I chased ducks around walked around Riverfront park. To finish off the night we did a little shopping at Target with our wedding gift cards. And ate at my fave restaurant Olive Garden.

I had such a great pre-birthday that I didn't expect anything on my real birthday. Growing up we had a tradition of opening a few small presents in the morning. It's a good way to keep antsy kids who have to wait all day for their gifts under control. Mom sent a few with me and Sunday morning to my delight I opened some Clinique makeup, wool socks (mom is always trying to keep me bundled up and a power ranger  shirt and smurf sweater. FYI I was the red power ranger for two Halloweens in a row as a child. As if all of that wasn't enough, Phil surprise took me out to breakfast postchurch. He also gave me this glorious gift.         

Does this all seem a little food oriented? Don't judge, these people know the most direct route to my heart! I'm thankful for God, a hubsand, family, and friends who love me so well!  

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Jill aka Mrs. Massa said...

Yes dear-I do follow your blog, and I do love reading it! Thanks for sharing your fantastic day, your witness and your often whimsical thoughts with us! It was a great first birthday Mrs. Arnold-that Mr. Arnold is a keeper for sure!

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