Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Giddy, Golden Leaf

(original photo)

I wish I could grab you (preferably with a giant metal claw like in the ones in stuffed animal machines) and place you where I was this morning at 10:23 so you could experience what I did at that moment. I was already in good spirits due to awesome get-away-with-God time yesterday, excessive amounts of green tea, and this love song. On the walk to class leaves were falling from the trees like snow! It felt like God was romancing me. As I looked up into the spiraling cone of yellow, orange and red, a single leaf fell right past my face to my foot. Allow me to show you this splendor with words:

A giddy, golden leaf falls,
like a ballerina
through wisps
of cloud
and sky, blue
like newborn eyes,
making the sun
Drops past
my freckled nose
to my boot
and curtseys.
You can see the artist
in the painting.
Like the filmy reflection
of a face
in a window,
pink fingers,
pressed up against
the glass.

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