Monday, October 24, 2011

RIP Smokey

Photo by Jordann (my sister)

My best birthday present ever, Snuggle buddy, the one who kept the mice away (and left them dead on our porch), cat Smokey died this past week. He was getting old and senile and I knew it was coming plus...well...he's a cat. They're fragile. I know pets don't last forever. Still I found eyes growing sad as my sister told me the news. Smokey is a symbol of my childhood; he represents life in my old house with my old family. The sound of his meow and the feel of him nuzzling my leg as I got home are marks of familiarity. These things that I'll never experience again. I love my new two-person-so-far family and our life together. But you have to give up something good to get something great. Goodbye Smokey, and goodbye old life.

*Fun fact, growing up Phil and I both had cats named Smokey.  When we discovered this while dating my mom said, "It's kismet!"

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Jill aka Mrs. Massa said...

Made me sad too-even though I often complained about his constant demands. This past few days it has seemed so strange to not have him meowing at me to let him in or out, etc. Someday you and Phil will have to get a new cat and name hime Smokeytoo! Miss you!

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