Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best of: Four Years with Phil

This is probably the last dating anniversary I'll ever celebrate. Bittersweet. As of today, Philip David Arnold has been in a relationship with Chelsea Renee Dinsmoor for the past 4 years. Highlights from our time together:

Going to 4 Proms together.

Getting to know each other over shooting hoops, walking his dogs, watching Happy Feet, and going to church and youth group.

Him calling me the day after our first date.

Wishing for him at 11:11 every night.

Philip's note that said, "Roses are red violets are blue, will you go out with me cuz I really like you."

Saying yes a full day later.

Hours of talking on the phone.

Mall trips with Korey Johnson.

Saying, "I love you."

First kiss in the dairy queen parking lot (after I had pushed Philip's face into his ice cream).

Philip's gift of a promise ring.

Philip supporting me at wrestling matches. Greeting him with sweaty victory hugs.

Meeting each other's extended families at our graduation parties.

Working together on staff at Ross Point Camp.

Hearing God say He wanted us to be together forever, for the first time. As we held hands and prayed I said, "I think this is how God wants it. Us together with our eyes on Him."

Crying while he holds me.

Finding a love note and roses in my room (at camp).

Hanging out and laughing a lot with David Gardiner together--the love triangle.

Trips to Tekoa to be with Phil's dad.

Phil baking me cakes.

Living in Streit-Perham, just one floor apart.

Going to CRU and church together.

Exploring the Lewiston Scenic Overlook, and climbing to the Lewiston 'L' (Philip peed on it).

Feeling closer than ever before while I was in Costa Rica and he was in Ocean city even though there were more miles and less communication between us than there'd ever been.

Sitting in the grass listening to him talk about summer project.

Going on dates on the last day of each finals week.

Giving Philip back rubs.

Getting engaged!

Registering together at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Premarital counselling, and the deep convos it brings up.

Road trips to Spokane.


Korey Johnson said...

That's me! Glad to be a part of your lives!

TJ Byrd said...
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TJ Byrd said...

look at this while checking out plane ticket prices for your wedding :o!! cant wait to see yall!

Chelsea girl said...

You guys are going to make awesome groomsmen...can't wait to party with you in 91 days!

Tiffani Rose said...

Y'all are so cute! Less than 3 months and you will be a married woman!!

I am excited to get to know you better through our blog club!

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