Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top Ten Better Ways to Spend $15,000,000

I recently found out that Washington State University spent 15 million dollars on...Adding new programs? Improving existing degrees? Ending world hunger?  WRONG. On changing their website. Former (the students page) myWSU has become zzusis. A format that, in my humble opinion, is not better. For me, it feels MORE confusing! At any rate it is not 15 million big ones better! So for today's top tens, we have Top Ten Better Ways to Spend $15,000,000:

1. Feed starving kids in Africa.

2. Feed starving kids in Detriot.

3. Buy 277,777 pairs of Toms shoes.

4. Bring the theater department back to Washington State University.

5. Pay for my wedding. (a little selfish? maybe. Better than Zzusis? I think so).

6. Give $1,000 scholarships to 15,000 WSU students.

7. Plant Gerber daisies all over campus.

8. Start a women's (okay, and men's) wrestling program at WSU.

9. Buy new showers for Streit-Perham.

10. Send Coug's on Summer Projects!

How would you spend $15,000,000? Washington State University, take notes.

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