Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Essentials Load

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Confession time. I am HORRIBLE at laundry. First of all, since I live in the dorms (click here to check out why), laundry consists of hauling my weighs-as-much-as-me laundry bag down to the ground floor, praying that there will be an open washer (There are 5 for 100s of people to share), and then checking on my laundry about 6 times to see if it's done because it the amount of time the washer's going to take is unpredictable and if you don't snatch it up right after it is done someone will kindly throw it out for you. I don't mind people who gently place it on top of the washer, or who put it in the dryer for me. However, I once had someone put all my laundry in the garbage can! Also, be sure not to leave any laundry soap or laundry hampers in that laundry room or you WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN! Sorry to shout, but I once hid laundry soap and it still got stolen.

So sometimes, when I don't have time to wash it all I do an essentials load. Usually this is nuzzled between writing pages and pages of papers, and an important event. This weekend, it is an overnight with the college ministry group I'm involved with: Campus Crusade for Christ. I throw enough socks, underwear, and jeans (I have an excessive amount of tops) into my laundry basket. And I wash coloreds, lights, darks, you-name-its all together in one load. That way, I have just enough to get by until I have time to do laundry for real. Usually, this buys me about a week.

Am I the only one who does this? Is it just because I'm a college student? Any other household chore horror stories?


Brandy J. said...

I dedicated an entire blog entry to laundry once! Great minds think alike!! I hate it and the truth is it only gets worse. Add a messy husband (which you'll be doing soon), and a baby boy and laundry becomes much more than a weekly pain in the side. :(

The Cotton Thistle said...

I hate laundry too however, it has gotten better! When all 4 boys were still at home - it was a nightmare!!! 4 boys and 1 husband and me. Then, they started doing their own and we went through 2 washers AND 2 dryers before the 3 oldest moved out on their own - LOL. In a couple of years you all will think back and laugh about this - believe me :)

Jennifer said...

I'm married and I still do that. i wash it all together...and just what I have to wash. I haven't ruined anything yet! Ok, maybe one of my husbands undershirts...but it is just an undershirt!

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